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The 2017 34th National Radio Science Conference (NRSC) will be held in Port Said City, Egypt. AASTMT University will host the conference during the period from 13-16 March 2017.



The conference program will consist of invited sessions on selected topics and contributed sessions. The submitted papers must describe original work and cover the activities of the URSI commissions. Papers accepted and presented in the conference will be published in the IEEE explore. For accessing the Call for Papers (English , Arabic)


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The conference program will consist of invited sessions on selected topics and contributed sessions. The submitted papers must describe original work and cover the activities of the URSI commissions. The 2016 33rd National Conference (NRSC2016) that was held in Aswan, Egypt, February 23-25, 2016 was reported in the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine on August Issue and Radio Science Bulletin report on March issue Check pages 60-63.



The Academy for Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) is the focal point of the Egyptian experience and national thinking. It organizes Egypt's plans and projects to offer its experiences, knowledge, consultations for the government, Higher Council for Science and Technology and decision makers in terms of the issues related to science and technology in Egypt.

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The National Radio Science Committee (NRSC) has been created by ASRT in recognition of promoting the radio science in Egypt. The NRSC holds the national conference on yearly basis. There have been 33 conferences held in Egypt. The NRSC offers support to young researchers, scientists and inventors.




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The submitted papers must describe original work and lie in the scope of one of URSI Commissions A-K. 
 For more details about the commissions and topics covered in conference visit  URSI 

A - Electromagnetic Metrology
B - Fields and Waves
C - Radiocommunication Systems and Signal Processing
D - Electronics and Photonics
E - Electromagnetic Environment and Interference
F - Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing
G - Ionospheric Radio and Propagation
H - Waves in Plasmas
J - Radio Astronomy
K - Electromagnetic in Biology and Medicine


Conference Honorary Chair: Prof. Ismail Abdel Ghafar Ismail Farag, AASTMT
Conference Chair: Prof. Said E. El-Khamy, Alexandria Univ.
Conference Co-Chair: Prof. Khaled Shehata, AASTMT.
Conference Vice-Chair: Prof. El-Sayed M. Saad, Helwan Univ.
Local Organization Committee Chair: Prof. Attallah Hashad, AASTMT.
Conference Publications Chair: Prof. Abdelmoneim Nasser, AASTMT.
Conference Secretary General: Prof. Hesham El-Badawy, NTI

NRSC Organizing Committee

Prof. Hamdy Al-Mikati, Mansoura Univ. Prof. Hadia El Hennawy , Ain Shams Univ.
Prof. Mahmoud El-Hadidi, Cairo Univ. Prof. Magdy El-Soudani, Cairo Univ.
Prof. Diaa Khalil, Ain Shams Univ. Prof. Saber Zainu-Eldeen, Menufia Univ.
Prof. Ahmed Attia, ERI Prof. Imbaby I. Mahmoud, AEA
Prof. Rowayda A. Sadek, Helwan Univ. Dr. Hanaa Shaker, Zagazig Univ.
Dr. Ziad A. El-Sahn, Alexandria Univ. Dr. Osama Marzouk , ASRT
Mr. Emad Emam , ASRT

Local Committee (AASTMT University)

Prof. Mohamed Aly Yousef
Prof. Mohamed Hassan
Dr. Nader Ghareeb
Eng. Ahmad Goudah
Eng. Sherif ElDiasty
Eng. Mohamed El Ballah
Mr. Mohamed Fouad
Ms. Sally Abd El-Wahab

Important Dates

Conference Deadlines

Paper submission deadline: October 12th, 2016 October 28th, 2016 November 4th, 2016
Notification of acceptance: December 28th, 2016
Camera-ready manuscript: January 25th, 2017 January 18th, 2017
Final decision: January 25th, 2017


تنويه هام

يرجى العلم بأنه سيتحرك أتوبيس يوميًا من أمام
المبنى الرئيسي - جامعة القاهرة كلية الهندسة
إلى فرع الأكاديمية بأبي قير الساعة 6:30 صباحًا
Address: Alexandria - Abou Qir Main Campus - AASTMT -
Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport,
Alexandria, Egypt.
Phone: (+203) 5622366 - 5622388 - 5610950 - Call Center: 19838
Alexandria - Abou Qir Main Campus - AASTMT Location Map:

Paper Submission

Prospective authors of papers describing original work are invited to submit papers electronically 
after signing up and then logging in here.

The submitted papers must describe original work and lie in the scope of one of URSI Commissions A-K.

For accessing the Call for Papers (English , Arabic). 
Papers must be formatted according to the instructions in the NRSC 2017 template click here.

For paper submission, please click here.
Please make sure to comply with the Paper Format, and send Conference Bio Form by email to ( and upload two versions of your paper:
a .doc file (complete with author name(s))
a .pdf file (without author name(s) nor affiliation(s)).

For poster submission, please download poster template and send it by email to (

​All Papers will be checked via the  Plagiarism Checkers.

For any other query and/or details please send E-Mail to: Prof. Hesham Elbadawy (


Registration Fees(per paper):

From Egypt: LE600 
from outside Egypt: €400
Fees cover attending sessions, proceedings CD, lunch, and coffee breaks for the period of the conference 
for one of the authors. Non-refundable fees, LE300  (from outside Egypt, €200), are paid in advance upon 
paper submission. The remaining registration fees are paid with the camera ready submission. Extra LE50 
(€50 from outside Egypt) is added for each additional page. 

Payment of Registration Fees: Registration fees may be paid by one of the following methods:

1-    By direct payment to Mr. Emad Emam, at the Academy of Scientific Research and technology, 101 Kasr El-Aini St., Cairo.

2-    Through Postal Transfer in Name of Mr. Emad Emam Mohamed Hussein, National ID No.: 25711270100714.

3-    Through any member of the NRSC organizing Committee.

For more information, please contact Mr. Emad Emam at mobile no.: 01117514604

Papers from South Canal area and Sina are subjected to 50% discount in case of the first author is student.

Attendance fees (including lunch and proceedings) is LE300.

For accommodation requests, please register here 

Conference Program

2017 34th National Radio Science Conference (NRSC)
         Organized by
  Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
  The National Radio Science Committee (NRSC)
  Arab Academy for Science and Technology and
  Maritime Transport(AASTMT)
Port Said Campus, Port Said, Egypt
        13-16 March 2017
    NRSC2017 Program


A. Student Paper Award Competition

Three Student Paper Award winners will be selected. The awards are on the form of certificates and cash money.
Student awards are usually sponsored by the International Union of Radio Science.

Rules and Guidelines
1.  First author and presenter must be a full-time university student.
2.  A letter from the student's advisor on university letterhead must be appended to the paper. 
    The letter must state that the author is enrolled as a full-time university student in a degree program. 
    If co-authored, the letter must state that all co-authors played only an advisory role. 
    No other students are permitted as co-authors. 
3.  Eight finalists will be selected based upon quality, originality and scientific merit of the paper as  evaluated by 
    the reviewers.
4.  Only three of the eight finalists will be awarded according to the clarity of their presentation and the ability to
    answer questions on their work.
B. Best Paper Awards
The organizing Committee will select two papers for the Best Paper Award.

Rules and Guidelines
1-  The selection will be based on the quality, originality and scientific merit of the paper as well as the clarity of 
    the presentation and the ability to answer questions posed by the audience.  
2-  There is no restriction on the number of authors nor if they are students or not.

Keynote Speakers

1-  Staff Brigadier Major General Kamel Al Wazir, 
Head of Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces Touring the Projects of Suez Canal Tunnels 
                    and Sharq El Tafriaa Port in Port Said
                     The Role of the Egyptian Armed Forces in National 
                  Development Projects as Part of the Overall Development 
                 Plan and its Role the Suez Canal Zone Development Project
                   Staff Brigadier Major General Kamel Al Wazir
Head of Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces Touring the Projects of Suez Canal Tunnels 
                      and Sharq El Tafriaa Port in Port Said

Invited Talk Agenda:
Short Biographies of Keynote Speaker and the Project of Suez Canal Tunnels:

Major General Kamel Al Wazir - Head of Engineering Authorityfor the Armed Forces. Major General Kamel Al Wazir praised the work progress and stated that Suez Canal Tunnels is the mega engineering project in Egypt currently for its capabilities and state of the art technology. He added that the Egyptian engineers, technicians and workers proved that they have a highly standard qualification in the installation of the tunnel boring machine and astonishing the foreign experts with their positive reactions towards these hi-tech. This tour started with the visit of Suez Canal Tunnels in Port Said which is part of the national plan for the development of Suez Canal Region launched by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to magnify the role of the region and turning into an international distinguished center in the industrial and logistic services, integrated economically and environmental and territorial balanced. The project includes the construction of two tunnels for cars and another tunnel for the railway to link East and West of Suez Canal. These tunnels are the mega huge ones in the region. The inner diameter for each tunnel reached 11.4m, the external reached 12.6m and 30m depth under Suez Canal. The cars tunnels one of them from Port Said to Sinai and vice versa separated by 20m length. The length for each tunnel is 2.7km and the railway is 6.7km. Then Major General Kamel Al Wazir, toured the work progress in the quarries for East Port Said project under the supervision of the Engineering Authorityfor the Armed Forces. The Project Manager pointed out that the AC is constructing the quarries 1000ml divided into Zone 4 & Zone 5(500ml for each). The project is about quarries for the berthage, the draft of the ship is 20m for ships with a capacity reached 170 thousand tons for containers and general goods.
2- Prof.Said E. El-Khamy ,Prof. Emeritus, Alexandria University Life Fellow IEEE Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Alexandria 21544, Email: Title: Recent Research Trends in Wireless Multimedia Communications By Prof.Said E. El-Khamy Prof. Emeritus, Alexandria University Abstracts and Short Biographies of Keynote Speaker: Abstract-- Recent advances in wireless multimedia communication technologies have witnessed immense growing and evolving research activities in recent years. Unlike traditional communication systems, a fundamental challenge for next generation wireless networks is the ability to transport wideband multimedia content over a variety of networks at different channel conditions and bandwidth capacities. In this talk, we discuss some of the key enabling technologies based on recent research activities by the author and his research team. Some of the main areas and techniques to be presented are Smart Antennas and Massive MIMO, Design of thinned arrays, OFDMA new techniques, Image transmission, Cognitive radio and new approaches for spectrum sensing, image and audio encryption and watermarking. The main adopted approach is to apply modern signal processing techniques including compressive sensing, fractals, chaos and fuzzy techniques, evolutionary algorithms, optimization techniques, Wavelets, cyclo-stationary features and higher order statics. Prof. El-Khamy graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University 1965, obtained his M.Sc. Degree from the same University in 1967, and obtained his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, U.S.A. in 1971. He joined the faculty of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Alexandria University as an Assistant Prof. in 1972, and he is now Prof. Emeritus since 2004. He acted as the Chairman of the Dept. of Elect. Eng. From Sept. 2000 to Sept. 2003. Prof. El-Khamy has published about 400 papers in International and Local Scientific Journals and conferences. His published papers covered many aspects in the field of Wireless Communication Systems and Signal Processing. His recent research activities are in the areas of 4G and 5G systems including Cognitive Radio, Channel Estimation, Multimedia security, Compressive Sensing, and Massive MIMO. He supervised more than one hundred M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses. Many of his students hold prestigious positions at Academic and research institutes. He is the co-author of an international reference book on Image Processing published by CRC Press/Taylor and Francis, titled: Image Super-Resolution and Applications. Prof. El-Khamy acted as a member of the Editorial Committees of some International Journal including International Journal of Information Acquisition (IJIA), published by SCIENCE DIRECT and he is an Associate Editor for Communications and Signal Processing for the Radio Science Bulletin, which is the formal scientific magazine of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI). He took part in the organization of many international conferences including IEEE-ISCC’95, IEEE-ISCC’97, IEEE-ISSPIT’2001, IEEE-MELECON’2002, URSI XXVIIth-GA’2002, IEEE-MWSCAS'03, and URSI- EMT’04. He also represented Egypt in many of the General Assemblies of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI). As for local conferences, Prof. El-Khamy was a member of the organizing committee of the past 32 URSI-NRSC conferences and most recently he was the chairman of NRSC2016 held in February this year.. Prof. El-Khamy was awarded many international, regional, national and academic awards, including The, R.W.P. King IEEE A&P Best Paper in 1980, A.H. Shoman Jordanian Regional Award in 1982, IEEE Region 8 Volunteer Award in 2010, Egypt’s State Appreciation Award in 2004, the State Scientific Excellence Award in 2002 and the State Incentive Award for two times in 1980 and 1989. Also, he obtained the Alexandria University Appreciation Award in 2004, the University Incentive Award in 1979, and the University Service Gold medal and Certificate on the occasion of being an emeritus professor in 2004. He was selected by the Egyptian Society of Communication Engineers as the first Egyptian Personality in Communications for 2000. He was elected as a Fellow of the IEEE Since Jan. 1999, IEEE Life Fellow since 2010 and was also elected as a Fellow of the Electromagnetic International Society. Prof. El-Khamy was the founder and past chairman of IEEE Alexandria/Egypt Subsection. He is the president of Egypt’s National Radio Science (URSI) Committee. 3- Prof. Yahia M. M. Antar, Fellow IEEE Vice President of the International Union of Radio Science, Professor, Military Technical College, Ontario, Canada. Title: Overview of Some Future Trends in Antenna Research By Yahia M. M. Antar Abstracts and Short Biographies of Keynote Speaker: The growing of wireless communications has been an important additional driving force for the advancement of antenna technology. Antennas are the ”eyes” and “ears” of communications systems, radars, satellites and other sensors. They are used in wide range of applications from terminal devices (such as mobile phones), to advanced communication systems on aircrafts, ships, vehicles, medical applications, remote sensing, global navigation satellite systems(GNSS), and so on. Strong demands like small physical size, low weight, low cost, wideband and multiband, reconfigurable capabilities, medical or even aesthetic considerations are increasingly required as essential for modern antenna designs. Furthermore, the promise of 5G will expand the possibilities of what mobile networks can do and will drive the future evolution of the internet itself. All of these aspects will put more demands for new innovations in antennas. It is evident that future successful antenna designs will be highly dependent on developing new design methodologies, new fundamentals, and more physical understanding of the operation of antennas, especially in modern complex environments. On the other hand, an ideal antenna methodology should also allow one to achieve optimal antenna performance in a systematic synthesis approach with very clear physical understandings of the involved phenomena. This talk will address new fundamental aspects for electromagnetic fields of antennas beyond the conventional approach. New theory of electromagnetic near fields, new considerations for electromagnetic energy, antenna –to –antenna interaction, and spatial and spectral descriptions of the fields will be highlighted. Applications to designing small antennas, conformal and super directive arrays, new MIMO systems, near field focusing configurations, and a thorough approach for mutual coupling will be discussed. A new approach to antenna current -engineering, which provides means for designing new antennas with specified current distributions, using new materials and new fabrication techniques will be described. Yahia M. M. Antar (S’73–M’76–SM’85–LF’00) received the B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in 1966 from Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt, and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Manitoba, MB, Canada, in 1971 and 1975, respectively, all in electrical engineering. In 1977, he held a Government of Canada Visiting Fellowship at the Communications Research Centre in Ottawa, ON, where he worked with the Space Technology Directorate on communications antennas for satellite systems. In May 1979, he joined the Division of Electrical Engineering, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, where he worked on polarization radar applications in remote sensing of precipitation, radio wave propagation, electromagnetic scattering, and radar cross section investigations. In November 1987, he joined the staff of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, ON, where he has held the position of professor since 1990 and is presently Vice Dean for defence and security research. He has authored or coauthored close to 200 journal papers, many chapters in books, about 400 refereed conference papers, holds several patents, has chaired several national and international conferences, and has given plenary talks at many conferences . He has supervised and cosupervised over 85 Ph.D. and M.Sc. theses at the Royal Military College and at Queen’s University, of which several have received the Governor General of Canada Gold Medal, the outstanding Ph.D. thesis of the Division of Applied Science, as well as many best paper awards in major international symposia. He served as the Chairman of the Canadian National Commission for Radio Science (CNC, URSI, 1999–2008), Commission B National Chair (1993–1999), held adjunct appointment at the University of Manitoba, and has a cross appointment at Queen’s University in Kingston. Dr. Antar is a Life Fellow of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (FEIC), a Fellow of the Electromagnetic Academy, serves as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, served as Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, the IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, IET, and was a member of the Editorial Board of the RFMiCAE Journal. He served on NSERC grants selection and strategic grants committees, Ontario Early Research Awards (ERA) panels, and on review panels for the National Science Foundation in the U.S. In May 2002, he was awarded a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Electromagnetic Engineering which has been renewed in 2016. In 2003, he was awarded the Royal Military College of Canada “Excellence in Research” Prize, and the RMCC Class of 1965 Teaching Excellence award in 2012. He was elected by the Council of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) to the Board as Vice President in August 2008 and in 2014, and to the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Administration Committee in December 2009. On January 31, 2011, he was appointed Member of the Canadian Defence Science Advisory Board (DSAB). He served as an IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Distinguished Lecturer . In October 2012, he received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Governor General of Canada in recognition for his contribution to Canada. He is the recipient of two national awards: the 2014 IEEE Canada RA Fessenden Silver Medal, and the 2015 IEEE Canada J. M. Ham outstanding Engineering Education Award. In May 2015, he received the RMC Cowan Prize for excellence in research.

Suez Canal Session

Industry Panel Session on the Role of  ICT in Suez Canal Development Project

The NRSC 34th conference will host a special Industry Session on “Role of ICT in Suez Canal Development Project”. 

As Egypt is considered as a hub for world maritime trade due to Suez Canal, Egypt could be considered as a central 
ICT hub since “eighteen” submarine cables pass by Egypt. These cable carry several terabits od data connecting Europe, 
Asia and Middle East. In addition, Egypt is ranked 3rd in outsourcing and offshore industry. These factors among others
will help Egypt to establish a global ICT Industrial Hub in the Suez Canal Zone.  A global ICT technology zone could incubate
giant data centres, cloud computing facilities, in addition to communications services.  Egypt could become a global internet
services provider in very short time. 

On this domain, a special industry session will be held. Presentation in this session will be panellist, based and panel 
presentation material will not be published in conference proceedings but will be available in the conference web site. 
Papers and proposals submitted to the Industry session should contain an abstract, scope, proposal objectives, 
an outline of the project, as well as a biographical sketch of presenter(s) and any other information that may 
assist in making decisions.

CEOs and CTOs from industry sector, consultancy  firms  as well as reserachers are invited to present -based on their 
experience- their visions, case studies or success stories of this project or similar projects. Presentations may target
topics such as UWB communication Systems for Suez Canal Zone, Cloud Communications and Big Data Networking infrastructure,
Internet of things (IoT) and its role in Localization and Tracking, Autonomous and Intelligent Transportation Systems, etc.

Proposal deadline for Industry session Presentation Submission: December 28, 2016  

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